Brazilian Flair Delivers the Boldest Possible Choice in Men’s Timepieces in for 2018
The Magnum Watch story is fascinating. It is a tale of a family-owned business which has expanded its reach from humble beginnings in Brazil to creating world-wide demand in the United States and around-the world in less than a decade. Meticulously crafted and assembled in Brazil, with careful planning and relentless ambition, the Magnum watch family of designers and artisans has grown into an international success story. What was once a boutique line of one-of-a-kind timepieces into a worldwide brand, capturing the attention of young men and discerning professionals around the Globe.
All things are beautiful in Brazil. From the world-renown beach at Ipanema to the two mountains, Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) which rise at the western end, Brazilians have a style and passion for living and for fashion. The company’s free-wheeling, stylish Brazilian heritage reflects the Brazilian lust for life. Magnum Watches combine the toughness and grit of a Conquistador with the flair, excellence and elegance of an old-world jeweler and craftsman. Any timepiece chosen by millennials must be durable and fashion-forward. These qualities and more are helping Magnum watches to become the chosen timepiece and a daily necessity to be proudly worn by the next generation of trendsetters.
Bold, big, many with oversized faces and all and aggressively designed, there are distinct Magnum Watch styles perfectly suited for any situation or occasion. When a man wears a Magnum watch, there will be a discussion about it.
From watersports to motorsports, the new line of Magnum timepieces radiate a look that’s just right for the active gentleman, athlete, executive or entrepreneur.
Magnum watches are inspired by the beautifully colorful and rich Brazilian culture and are combined with perfectly balanced and accurate Swiss Movement. They feature bright combinations from the drawing rooms of experts who respect our time honored traditions.
As technically superior and meticulously engineered high-performance watches, each Magnum has a distinct look and multiple functions. The MAGNUM features scratch-resistant mineral crystal faces. The entire Magnum line boasts dazzling dials and bezels. From Chronographs to limited edition pieces and even a water-resistant line with certified ATM depth ratings, Magnum watches are constructed for every walk of life.
Multi-functional dials and dynamic graphic combinations ensure that Magnum watches are always ready for the red carpet and for 2018; Magnum has launched an entirely new line.
Inspired by the company’s desire to set the standard for sought-after and collectable timepieces, the brand to watch is Magnum.